NSA Screen or FBI Screen and you’re locked out of the computer

Well the computer gremlins have been up to it again. This time it’s Robbery-ware. What happens is after you open an attachment from an email your computer will popup a message that you’ve been tagged by the NSA or FBI and have 48 hours to pay $300.00 or your computer contents will be forwarded to the agency and prosecution will begin.



The moral of the story is, don’t open attachments unless you are expecting something. Even if it’s from someone you know. These guys have gotten more and more creative to trick you into infecting your own computer and at innocently infecting others.

I removed one of these type of infections today and although it’s not as difficult to remove as some of these virus scan / purchase (should be called virus-scam) malware. I would write specific details but I’m not so sure it places itself in the same place each time. In this case it was in a hidden folder where the Google toolbar was installed. If I have more details I’ll update this post. By the way I have a flat $135.00 computer clean up fee which includes virus removal and optimizing your system and depending on your location pick up and delivery are free.

When Experience Will Fail You

The other day I was in autozone and was looking for something that would act as a degreaser. When I asked the clerk he promptly told me “Yes sir, we do, and we’re having a special 2 for the price of one” he went on to tell me that he used it on his barbecue grill and his wife swears by it. So, I bought it. When I finally got around to my project that I needed to use it on, I sprayed it on waited a few seconds and wiped it down, and if you ask me it was just OK, it wasn’t the revolutionary product exactly as he exclaimed.

While I was using it, I had a thought about the whole experience… This guy was about 20 years old and he said it was the best thing he had ever seen, then I thought “You old #$#@”, of course how many things could he have seen, he was only 20!!!!

Windows XP and Office 2003 Support Ends by Microsoft, But Hey, I’m Still Here!

When you’re windows XP takes a turn, or your office 2003 does something weird, don’t forget about me, even though you’ll get “We no longer support that release of windows from big Micro$oft” I’ll be happy to help, and with 26 years of experience it won’t take long either. Sure you can call the “big box” geeks, but, they’ll take all day and then tell you, you should reformat your hard drive and start over or worse yet, tell you to upgrade and get help from Microsoft.

Sure the choice is yours, but, spend a little now on a real company that really works as if it was their stuff or call someone who only cares about a buck or two.

PS. I do websites, and web hosting too!!!!