NSA Screen or FBI Screen and you’re locked out of the computer

Well the computer gremlins have been up to it again. This time it’s Robbery-ware. What happens is after you open an attachment from an email your computer will popup a message that you’ve been tagged by the NSA or FBI and have 48 hours to pay $300.00 or your computer contents will be forwarded to the agency and prosecution will begin.



The moral of the story is, don’t open attachments unless you are expecting something. Even if it’s from someone you know. These guys have gotten more and more creative to trick you into infecting your own computer and at innocently infecting others.

I removed one of these type of infections today and although it’s not as difficult to remove as some of these virus scan / purchase (should be called virus-scam) malware. I would write specific details but I’m not so sure it places itself in the same place each time. In this case it was in a hidden folder where the Google toolbar was installed. If I have more details I’ll update this post. By the way I have a flat $135.00 computer clean up fee which includes virus removal and optimizing your system and depending on your location pick up and delivery are free.