About Dale

Dale Callow established Callow & Company in the mid-1980s with the creation of a complete DOS-based manufacturing system application. Working with networks on LanTastic, Novell, and later, the complete Microsoft versions of network operating systems, he continued to consult and program custom applications for a variety of industries, including the Home Health Medical field with a complete Medicare-approved admitting and billing application. He envisioned a need to expand, and he did.

In the early 1990’s Callow & Company began consulting with Local Labor Unions that had been using a custom software application. Due to the growing needs of our clients, we developed the first of our Fund Administrator™ brand of products. This allowed for the development of applications that track and calculate medical eligibility and claim adjudication as well as pension calculations and statements.

Since then we have developed a Labor Union dues collection application, which includes the automation of out of work lists, meeting and voting listings. More recently a Union Apprenticeship tracking and training application package has been developed for our clients.

Currently, we are developing an HVAC application to plan, estimate, dispatch, invoice, and track accounts receivable, and accounts payable for the Air Conditioning and Heating businesses.

At the inception of the internet, Callow & Co. envisioned the advertising dollars, clients primarily spend on yellow pages or newspaper ads could be focused on new users on the internet. Our vision took some education and a lot of encouragement, and, we even had some resistance from clients. However, Dale Callow knew the impact the internet would have in the future, and he devoted the talent and staff needed to develop web hosting and web site design. As home computers for consumers migrated from a luxury to a necessity, Callow & Co. was positioned to offer its clients a premier package that includes flat-rate support and software packages inclusive with modern business software from leading companies at an affordable price.

Mr. Callow listens to his clients and understands that the frustration of any small business is “being caught between the software guy and the hardware guy.” Therefore, he has staff available to troubleshoot and make recommendations on any needed upgrades. When you choose Callow & Co. to develop or maintain your network, servers, and workstations you get a written assessment of current hardware and any recommendations (including the cost) for upgrades/updates. His philosophy is that any conflict between hardware and software should be transparent to his clients.

Finally, being a small businessman himself, Mr. Callow understands that with most of his clients, profitability margins are narrow. Therefore, he and his staff will work with you to ensure that the money you spend is, as the saying goes, “money well spent”. We would be glad to hear from you.