2 Easy Ways to Tune Up Your Computer

Everybody wants a faster computer. Except now you have everything just the way you want it, desktop is functional, all your programs are easy to get to. You don’t want to spend hours getting a new computer and setting it up. Heck, your happy. It’s just you want to have a little more oomph in your computer “Getty up”.


Well, here are two ways you can further unleash the beast inside your computer.

Adding more memory
Many purchased computers have just a minimal amount of memory installed, computers use memory while running your programs. Programs do their work in memory, giving programs more room to work allows them to work faster. Increasing your computer memory will help.

Also, take a look at storage
There are still a lot of computers that have not taken advantage of some real technological advancements. Upgrading your hard drive from mechanical to solid state will create an immediate speed enhancement. Programs will load faster, databases will work faster. I can almost guarantee a WOW factor just from this upgrade alone.


Some of us often confuse memory with storage
Think of it this way; let’s say you’re working in Microsoft Word in a new document and the power goes out. You would lose the document you’re working on, but, you wouldn’t lose Microsoft Word. It would still be on your computer. Why would you lose your document? Because memory is temporary storage. When you start Word, the computer takes Word from storage and loads it into memory. The new document you created hasn’t been saved yet so it’s only in memory and not stored. When the power goes out memory is cleared. When you save your document it’s taken from memory and stored in storage.

I would be happy to quote any upgrades you might have in mind. Here are just a few that could increase your system performance without purchasing a new system. Give me a call I’d be happy to help.