You get a call “We’ve been getting technical notice errors from your computer and can help you out” or was PT Barnum really right?

WOW! How nervy, blatant is that call? It’s bad enough we get infected by clicking an innocent link while surfing the web. Now, they call us to fix us via “Scam-ware”.

I recently heard of this “scam” from one of our customers, and I almost fell off my chair.

Here are the details:

“Windows Technical Support calling, we are getting technical error notices from your computer, we can connect into your computer and fix the errors” then they told him that they didn’t feel comfortable with that, he said “We have your ID Number, we should call back when an owner is available” They told me it was difficult to get the guy off the phone, and they immediately checked with me. Glad they did!

For more details on this type of scan see: and directly from Microsoft