Customer Service without getting beat up

We believe the customer is always right, but, when has a customer gone too far? We received a post last year that I finally replied to. It was posted on the google play store about the copycat trial version, here is what “a Google User” posted:

Theres no point in downloading!

Its says trial has limited recipe details, but has NO recipe details. All it is, is a list of recipes the full version has. Could atleast put a few recipes to see the ingredients or try out to see how accurate the recipes actually are!

The andriod app version sells for $1.50, not much for 650 recipes the software to search by title, and recipe ingredient, right? Here was our reply:

Callow and Company replied on April 17, 2013
It’s a trial version, you can see all the recipes available in the complete collection and when you see the ones you want you know they’ll be in the complete version. It too a lot of valuable time to compile and create a program to display so many great recipes in one place.
We’re not trying to be mean, but, isnt a trial a trial?

As of 2014 we change from having a trial and paid version, to a free version that is ad supported. Free Android download available from the Google Play StoreĀ HERE