When Experience Will Fail You

The other day I was in autozone and was looking for something that would act as a degreaser. When I asked the clerk he promptly told me “Yes sir, we do, and we’re having a special 2 for the price of one” he went on to tell me that he used it on his barbecue grill and his wife swears by it. So, I bought it. When I finally got around to my project that I needed to use it on, I sprayed it on waited a few seconds and wiped it down, and if you ask me it was just OK, it wasn’t the revolutionary product exactly as he exclaimed.

While I was using it, I had a thought about the whole experience… This guy was about 20 years old and he said it was the best thing he had ever seen, then I thought “You old #$#@”, of course how many things could he have seen, he was only 20!!!!