What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager?

With so many mobile devices connecting, modern endpoint management is tough. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is designed to give you a unified, cloud-like experience that enhances security, reduces complexity, and empowers end-user productivity. This video introduces you to the benefits of Microsoft Endpoint Manager. For more information, please contact Callow and Company.

Ford Employees Working Remotely Long-Term

Ford Motor Company is taking advantage of empty office to reconfigure the building to a more flexible workspace.

The automotive company is now allowing employees to be more flexible with remote work and is looking for ways to accommodate this shift at its headquarters. More common spaces and a freedom of where to work in the office will be just some of the changes to come.

Check out this Wall Street Journal article about the changes of Ford and other top companies.

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Customer Story: Clifton Coffee Recap

From the start, leaders at Clifton Coffee Roasters (CCR) knew they wanted to go beyond just roasting coffee. They wanted to empower other coffee companies to succeed. Now they provide technical support, delivery service, and back-of-house training to coffee shops across the UK, in addition to providing all of the products needed to run a coffee company.

But it wasn’t always that way. In the company’s early days, the team had a difficult time coming together, with employees scattered across the UK and no reliable means to connect them. Once they adopted a teamwork solution to improve internal communication, teamwork became easy and the business took off. The rest is history.

Want to take cues from CCR’s teamwork game? Contact us for help getting started.