About Dale

Growing up in Southern California seems like it was a lifetime ago. Like looking into a pond and seeing a reflection, you see things around you, but they seem like a shadow. They are real but untouchable.

My early 20’s I spent working as a Union employee for the service industry. My work ethic was always strong and I tried to take on every task like I was doing it for God. I always excelled in my positions. Then after a store closing and a layoff, I got a job sweeping floors and preparing shipping labels for a precision sheet metal fabrication company.

After just a year I had worked my way from that position to run a precision sheet metal sheer then as an NC punch press operator. I went to school at nights to study basic engineering and worked my way to the office where I did order entry, learned job design, planning, and NC programming. On my off hours for a hobby I studied computer programming, it was new at the time and the only PC’s were TRS-80’s, K-Pro, or Commodore 64’s.

The one thing about learning computers (the hardware and software) was it came very easy. It felt like I knew things already and was eager to learn more.

The owners of the precision sheet metal company had me develop a new work order entry program, which traced jobs from the time of the initial start all the way to shipping. It was a very exhilarating feeling to see something you created actually being used. My ex-wife had a job as a medical biller and through her I got a consulting job creating an admitting and billing program for the Home Health agency she worked for. I remember charging them just $500.00, but eventually, they wanted to resell the application and asked me to come on board to work onsite for updates and selling the software.

After a few years, I met the marketing director for a home health IV Pharmacy, and we became partners in a company to create a new Home Health, IV Therapy, and private nursing admitting and billing application. Once developed we sold it to a few companies. When one of the companies offered to hire me full-time I jumped at the chance and relocated to Texas.

Through a chance meeting, I met the financial secretary of a local Labor Union and began doing computer hardware maintenance for their office which eventually ended up with me creating a complete dues collection program for them.

As word got out I started creating a program application for the self-insured benefit offices to process medical claims for the Union members, and then a pension application that would calculate and process pension checks to Union pensioners and created an application for keeping track of students for the apprenticeship schools.

Several other consulting and computer applications were written along the way, you can see my LinkedIn page for a thorough history. But, the story isn’t over and to this point, It has been an amazing and exciting trek.

Whatever your computer problem or application design give me a call and I would be happy to help with any software, hardware, and networking.

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