I am the happiest girl in the whole USA, or Back to the USSR

First off I'm no a girl, but, I am thankful!! The truth is I just heard of a customer with lymphoma, I honestly don’t know anything about it but I think it’s a problem with the blood I found this on the Wki. Anyway, I love these people and it’s sad being so close to their software and being so far away from their lives.

Truth is, when you’re a computer consultant you have power beyond your dreams when it comes to software, or hardware, but, when live hits you (well life), does the world stop? I found out that this principle customer went in the hospital from one of his client I happen to see, I was shocked! Yes, I’m a consultant I don’t get any special treatment, but, WOW! Anyway it’s a few months beyond and I guess I’m still out off the loop.

I thought it was a routine thing and I guess it was bigger, bummer. It will all be our turn, and I almost look forward to it. Isn’t it better to know who your facing than why? Does anyone else understand this? I have always known, and as old as I get I know more and more, but, better than that, I have second sight!

While always creating software, I always see the other side, what users will do, or not do, program for the possibilities and change the course for the rest. We can’t do that in life, but if we believe in God and understand this is the ability he gave us, we Will succeed!


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