Windows 10 - Let it All Hang Out - Big Brother

I recently got a new notebook that came pre-installed with Windows 10. I had heard that the new Windows 10 operating system included a lot of features that communicate my personal information to Microsoft, and when the installation screen came up to setup using "Express Settings" DON'T DO IT! Instead select "CUSTOM INSTALL".



After you select Custom, you'll see the following page:

Make sure you read each item and select your appropriate response. I bet you'll be surprised as I was about what information they use and collect. You'll be glad you didn't just select "Express settings".

Here is Custom Settings Screen 2:

Once again, find your appropriate response to each question. 

Depending on your answers there is one other setting you might want to also change (after setup is complete). If you decided to not “Send error and diagnostic information,” you really only turned it down from “Full” to “Enhanced.” To really reduce the amount of information sent to Microsoft, you need to go to the Start menu, select Settings, choose Privacy from the list of settings, and then go to the Feedback and Diagnostics section:

Choose "Basic" and that will set the information Microsoft gets to a minimum.

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Pictionary from Cat poop or do I have to trademark everything I say

Alright, this burns my butt!! Those of you who know me, know that I can come up with some pretty unique words. Ah-blah, Ah-blah, en-raw (short for turkey sandwich, open face with mashed potatoes and gravy), or “Goon-a-raunchy” (short for a knucklehead). At another time in the right place I could have been;"Dr. Seuss. The cause, probably putting my finger in light socket at age 3.


Ode to “Cat Girl” the backstory...
Years ago I had a Burmese cat, and she was as much of a companion as a dog, waited for me to get home, and we would play and just an all-a-round great pet. I don’t want to go overboard as an overzealous pet owner, but, yeah, she was cool. Anyway, about 10 years ago we were playing and I came with the saying “For cats, by Cats”. Another idiotic, but, rather funny thing, I thought pretty creative after it came out of my mouth.


Fast forward to yesterday
So I am watching TV yesterday, and here comes a new cat food commercial, and at the very end they say “For Cats, By Cats”. I couldn’t believe it. The cause of my bane. I watched the same channel till I saw the commercial again just to make sure. I'm not going to quit coming up with sayings for things, but, wow.

It’s true, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9)
The great and wise Solomon strikes again.

EDIT: And yes, I came up with the obscure title too.

Cramp desk problems or what I should do in my free time

For years I've had a table top drafting board (18" x 24"), it doesnt take up very much space, but, I would have to loose my desk space when I went to use it.

My thought was that if I make a desk just for it I could have that next to me and not use my desk space and it could be put in a small place in my office without taking up a full desk space when not in use.

So here's how I did it...

First I attached the legs to the table top...

Using a forester bit I drilled two holes for each leg and secured them with screws  

Next I put the side pieces on the table...

Next placed the apron pieces and glued them in place.   One side   Then the other

While that was drying I put together the drawer...

Cut the pieces and added a groove for the drawer bottom   Then glued it all together

After the table assembly was dry I added some braces to the legs...

Braces between the legs

After that was dry I finished up the table top...

Added dowels to the forester bit holes and sanded.   Expanded picture   Added trim to the edges, glued and secured

Applied the stain...

Stain Applied       After staining and finish

And now the drafting board and hardware...

Installed piano hinge to the table top and drafting board to pivot at the front   Installed additional hardware on the back to lock into 11 different positions

Drum roll please...

And here it is, no longer taking up my desk space and much more conveinent for desiging software and not loosing my computer.